Historic Pietenpol Photo Gallery

I invite you to experience aviation as seen through the eyes of my grandfather Bernard H. Pietenpol. What you see is what he personally saw. Each photo represented a special moment in time that he felt needed to be photographed. The collection of photos and documents below represent only a small portion of my grandfathers personal photograph collection.  All of the photos belong to Bernard H. Pietenpol with the exception of newer color photos at the end. Most of the public including myself have never viewed these photos before. Many have been locked away for as many as 80 years.  

A total of 23 airplanes were built in Cherry Grove.  Unfortunately, photographs/negatives of two of the planes have yet to be located, but I am sure they will show up as I have only begun scanning and reviewing negatives.  In the photo gallery below I have Bernard's planes in build order from earliest to latest.  The first photo of each unique plane includes the year of construction, N number and engine description.  

As you will discover photography had many limitations back in the 1920-30's. Lighting and exposure was often poor, being out of focus was a common occurrence. Many are so old that all I had to work with was 5" x 7" glass plate negatives and brittle large format negatives.  Using modern scanning technology I was able to create digital images.  Please enjoy them as much as I do!  I did the best I could. I will be continually adding more photos and descriptions.  From the Pietenpol family to your family please enjoy! - Sincerely Andrew Pietenpol - Click on any photo to enlarge.

**If you have a photo or video of your finished ship or a construction photo or video you would like to display please send it to me with your; name and a brief description.  I will add it to the bottom of this photo gallery.

***Historic Pietenpol Photo Galley #2 Link & Video and Air Camper Parts link gallery located at the very bottom of this web page.


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Bernard builds a 32 hp - 2-cylinder Bristol Cherub powered Lincoln Sport in the church across the street. Due to poor performance he traded it for a Curtiss Jenny.
Year = 1964 Forrest Lovley newspaper article - in front of his Pietenpol Air Camper
Year = 1934 - 14143 - Centilli built Air Camper- Charlie Centilli - Al Weller - Walt Centilli
Centilli Air Camper
Year = 1934 - 14143 - Centilli built Air Camper- Al Weller - Walt Centilli - Charlie Centilli
Centilli Air Camper - Walter Centilli's nephew and nieces
 In 1940 Air Camper 14143 sold to Stan Richard of Ohio - new paint Sky Scout gear retrofit
Year 2014 - Air Camper 14143 - New life begins - restoration by Andrew King - Bob Coolbaugh
Year 2012 Vitalis Kapler's build (A best example of Bernard's Air Camper design)(52 photo set)
Pietenpol Air Camper
Year 2011 Andrew Pietenpol's Air Camper build - (52 photo set)
(3 photo set) 15 year old Joseph Jameson making progress on his Corvair powered Air Camper
(32 photo set) Rick Kertson; Bartlesville, OK.
Rick Kertson starting to build up fuselage sides. Nice jig table.
Rick Kertson building up his fuselage.
Rick's torque tube/stick assembly is very nice!
Rick Kertson is following the plans to a tee. The aileron horns are formed and mounted to plan specifications!
Very nice three piece wing assembly (2) req.
As you can see in the next 5 photos Rick has followed Bernard's Original 1933 Air Camper landing gear design perfectly.
Rick will be using Beringer Aero vintage style brake tire tube wheels and spokes (3.5" - 19").
Rick is putting the Air Camper together.
Rick Kertson's shock cord jig.
Rick's landing gear built to plans spec. - very nice shock cords.
Close up of Pietenpol Air Camper shock cord per plans.
(85 photo set) Rob Stoinoff's build - Stoinoff's Restorations - Batesville, IN   A+ workmanship!
Rob Stoinoff's Model A engine - Dyno Test 12/2015 70hp @ 135 lbs torque
Rob Stoinoff's landing gear build.
Landing gear attachment point - bolted on.
Axle welded to landing gear.
Rob Stoinoff used Grove aircraft brakes
Rob Stoinoff uses tires the size of Bernard Pietenpol's 1937 N14893
One nice landing gear - patterned after Mr. Pietenpol's N14893 Air Camper
Air Camper G-ADRA - Authur Mason from U.K. named ship Edna May after his late mum
2014 Three Air Campers flew from Brodhead to Pietenpol Field - Williams /  King  / Coolbaugh
2014 Three Air Campers land at Pietenpol Field - King  / Coolbaugh / Williams
Year 2014 - Air Campers at Pietenpol Field - Andrew King / Bob Coolbaugh / Larry Williams
Pietenpol Air Camper - Bob Coolbaugh - A65
(95 photo set) Herb Rose of Sacramento, PA. performs quality work and never misses his milstones in building his Pietenpol Air Camper
Matco racing wheels/brakes with parking valve
You can build your Air Camper instrument panel as simple or as robust as you want. Herb as developed a robust design.
Control stick and linkage
Pietenpol Air Camper
How does Herb Rose bring his plane into his shop? Sideways on a rail system he developed!
Herb's Prop Hub and Prop - Looks Nice
Herb Rose begins covering of tail feathers
Herb Rose - Very good job covering his tail group.
Herb Rose built himself a wing jig which allows himself the ability to rotate the wings within the shop by himself.
Herb is installing the fabric to the wing; bottom side first due to the concave factor.
All ribs pre glued using the Poly Fiber system.
 Herb stiches the Poly Fiber fabric to the wing ribs using 232 stiches in each wing panel.
The knots reside under the fabric so you do not see or feel them under the tape.
Ready for rib taping.
Herb's Boston Terrier oversees Herb's work.  He is the official shop dog and keeps an eye open to make sure all is going as planned.  He believes the project is well managed and ahead of schedule.
Herb has applied his Pink Poly-Brush fabric fiber sealer and then applied gusset and finishing tapes with more Poly-Brush.
Herb is coming to the end of his build.
You can build your instrument panel as simple or as comfortably functional as you like.
Herb Rose  Pietenpol Air Camper with Subaru EJ2.2 150hp
Herb Rose is adding cowling to his Pietenpol Air Camper
Herb Rose is adding top cowling to his Pietenpol Air Camper
Mr. Rose unveils his Pietenpol Air Camper - February 2017
"Miss Nancy" is what Herb calls his Pietenpol Air Camper airship
"Miss Nancy" also goes by the name of NX709HR
Herb dedicated his plane to the plane's designer Mr. Bernard H. Pietenpol
Miss Nancy will sit up front!
(left) Eugene Briner FAA/DAR inspects and grants an Airworthiness Cert. to a happy Herb Rose. It's Barnstorming time for Herb and his new homebuilt Pietenpol Air Camper.
Craig Aho - NX40772 - Mount Lake, WA
Mike Groah - wife Mandy - daughter Amelia NX414MV - www.westcoastpiet.com
(58 photo set) Richard Jones and son Corey weigh fuselage = 56lbs   Corith, TX
Corey Jones is amazed how strong fuselage is!
Pietenpol Air Camper
Pietenpol Air Camper
Motor mount by Richard Jones
Richard Jones; Gear on and smiling!
Richard Jones has his engine hung. Next he will run cables, fuel lines, and start on cowling.  Making great progress!
Richard Jones - Nice Cowl work!
Richard Jones; very smooth looking cowl - Nice fit!
Richard test fits the ribs on the spars for the left wing in his BEDROOM. It is truly a homebuilt airplane. Pietenpol Air Camper
Richard progresses on the center section of his three piece wing. Fittings are on.
Richard starts on building his flip up trailing edge.  This can ease entry into cockpit.
Richard's flip up trailing edge design encompasses the use on a nut plate design. Very nice.
Richard's nut plate design allows for easy detachability.
Patches the cat gives you a relative size comparison.
Simple design and it works great!
Richard Jones finishes his center section. Nice job with the cabane struts.
Nice side view.
Good view of cabane struts and the diagonal braces that lock the wing down at end of build to obtain correct C.G.
Rear cabane strut attachment point to wing spar.
Richard built a flip up wing panel above the rear cockpit.  Side view.
Richard test fits his wing panel on his three peace wing.
Richard gives us a GREAT view of how the wing attaches to the center section. Simple design too.
Good view of Richard's aileron pulleys.  Simple design well executed.
View of flip up panel that can ease cockpit entry if desired.
View it flipped down.
Vertical stabilizer and rudder affixed to the plane. Richard is truly stunned by is how the entire assembly becomes super strong with the flying wires attached.
Easy to bolt on!
View how cables attach to rudder and steerable tail wheel.
Richard has attached both wing panels to the center wing section.  This three piece wing is nearing the end of construction. Richard has done a good job!
An American late 1920's designed plane proudly displays its colors.
Richard Jones decides to not use a A65 but a Verner Five Cyl. Radial instead
The radial engine gives the Pietenpol Air Camper a nice look!
Richard Jones Pietenpol Air Camper almost done. Ailerons will be attached next.
Richard Jones N number is N76210
Richard will be the first to build and fly a Pietenpol Air Camper powered with a Verner Scarlett 5SI 5 Cyl. engine in the U.S.A!
Richard has leading edge trim painted and ailerons on. Nice Engine!
Rear View - almost time to call the FAA
(2 photo set) Bill Budgell - Steel fuselage - Long version - Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Bill Budgell's three piece Pietenpol Air Camper wing
Half sized steel Pietenpol Air Camper - made for granddaughter
(17 photo set) Earl Brown of Dowington, PA - Corvair powered Pietenpol Air Camper
A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Rib jig
(5 photo set) Ed Barchik's school project plane!! - Covered in Oratax fabric www.betteraircraftfabric.com - Fabric contains all coatings including color - Just glue, shrink and done! Distributed by Lars Gleitsmann 907 229-6792 - Pietenpol Air Camper A-65 powered.
Students complete covering fuselage with Oratex fabric. Easy to use; just glue and shrink. Color and coatings are in the the fabric. They did a great job!
School project plane - good workmanship!
Covered in Oratax fabric www.betteraircraftfabric.com - Fabric contains all coatings including color - Just glue, shrink and done! Distributed by Lars Gleitsmann 907 229-6792
School project plane built buy students!  They did a great job! Very proud of this fine group of students with great mechanical skills. Look at the smiles on faces of these students!
(7 photo set) Ray Roethle built A-65 Pietenpol Air Camper - Covered in Oratax fabric www.betteraircraftfabric.com - Fabric contains all coatings including color - Just glue, shrink and done! Distributed by Lars Gleitsmann 907 229-6792 - Pietenpol Air Camper A-65 powered.
Nice looking cover job!
Oratex fabric is easy to work with - 200+ planes now fly with Oratex fabric
Ray Roethle's A-65 powered Pietenpol Air Camper
Ray is going flying Low and Slow in his Piet
(18 photo set) This Air Camper flew at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome for over 40 years.
Tom Dietrich and Bob Revell have now acquired 626
626 is now flown regularly out of the Guelph Airpark
The airframe is still powered by a Model A engine
Aviation Photo Journalist Eric Dumigan of IIderton Ontario shot this set of photos.
This Air Camper shares N number 626 that Bernard Pietenpol used on the first Air Camper he built in 1929.
Fern Villeneuve and Steve Gray
Fern Villeneuve with the Air Camper after an evening flight.
Special thanks to Tom Dietrich, Bob Revell, Steve Gray and photoplane pilot Bruce Paylor
(16 Photo Set) Andy Langer's project is really "Taking-off" - (pun intended)
Andy Langer cuts his wooden fuselage struts and braces with precision. Nice!
Andy wrangled his brother into helping him build the Air Camper.  They are two brothers building an airplane together just like Orville and Wilbur Wright did in 1903.
 Andy's turtle deck looks beautiful!
(13 Photo Set) Daniel Martinez has done a good job of making his parts and has given us a nice photo of his work. Now he ready for assembly.
Daniel Martinez found a Ford Model A engine!
Daniel Martinez purchased his Ford Model A for $200.00. Serial # indicates Sept. 1930 build date. It turns over.
Daniel Martinez disassembled his Ford Model A engine. Has removed baffle plates and will add oil dams next.
Daniels front seat assembly.
Daniel cuts Air Camper fittings by hand using handsaw. Just like it was done over 85 years ago.
Daniel has welded the oil dams to the Model A oil pan
Daniel is making great progress on the Air Camper's metal fittings.
 Kurt Heller operates Flying Machines LLC in Willow Alaska. Kurt and his father built two steel tube Air Campers together. Kurt is now building an additional Air Camper and Sky Scout and is looking to purchase two Model A Engines.  heller.shooter@gmail.com
(3 Photo Set) 12 year old Mark Bellamy of Freeville, NY is building his own Pietenpol Air Camper. That's right, 12 years old!  The youngest builder I know of.  He cut his first wood on Jan. 16th 2016. Congratulations Mark!
  12 year old Mark Bellamy finishing his rudder.  Good workmanship!
Mark building his vertical stabilizer on the jig he built. If you are 12 or 82 years old you can build this basic Low and Slow plane called the Pietenpol Air Camper.
(8 photo set) David Petrocsko of Scottdale, PA has been flying his Air Camper N7738 for more than 20 years.
(7 photo set) Derek Klassen or Fort Kent, Alberta Canada building his Pietenpol Air Camper
Derek works on his Air Camper 45 min. per day (very dedicated) / 400 hours per year.
Nice rib jig. Ribs look very nice!
You can build foot pedals in place of a rudder bar.
Aileron Horn welded per plans. To avoid welding many cut all horns from a thicker piece of 4130 sheet steel.
(9 photo set) Father Lynn and son's Steve and Kevin (Knoll family) of Augusta, KS. as a family built Air Camper N169K  - 3/25/16 Covering is Stewart with Sherwin-Williams exterior paint! See video below.
Corvair powered; Warp Drive Prop; AeroCarb and purrs like a kitten and roars like a lion!
Kevin Knoll's family flying N169K low and slow. Halfway done with 25 mile restriction. 20.2 squawk free hours on her to date. Max. enjoyment. Min. cost.
Lynn Knoll ready to fly to Brodhead then to Oshkosh from Kansas and back (27.4 trouble free hours).
Safety from thunderstom in Dubuque, IA.
Steve, Lynn and Kevin (Knoll family) arrive at Brodhead Wi.
Looking good!
On display at the 2016 Oshkosh Airshow. Click to next photo to see an amazing shot as Lynn departs OSH.
(2 photo set) Roy Minut of Tulsa, OK built this 1/4 scale Model T engine on a 3D printer
Roy will use this engine in building his 1/4 scale Sky Scout
(16 photo set) Tony Crawford of Toney, AL is building an Air Camper with a wooden landing gear.
Laying out instruments
Nice workmanship on tail feathers.
Building a jig for the wooden landing gear.
Inside and outside Vee fitting.
Assembling the wooden landing gear.  Note the white ash block.
A closer view.
Inside landing gear fitting.
Tony Crawford's paint scheme for his Pietenpol Air Camper - Very nice!
John Doig passed away on 3/19/16 - C-90 flew from Maine to California - 1844 hours on airframe - For Sale.
Jean Mougne from France is building his 1/3 scale Remote Control (RC) Pietenpol Air Camper as close to Original plans as possible. And doing a remarkably good job.
Look at Jean's level of detail.
Rick Holland NX6819Z loves his corvair powered Pietenpol Air Camper - Castle Rock Colorado

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