Historic Pietenpol Photo Gallery 2

Bob Emptage is building a 60 percent scale Air Camper using Pietenpol Aircraft Company plans from Bernard Pietenpol
Bob Emptage is building his R.C. Pietenpol Air Camper just as you would a real Air Camper
Bob's wing drag and antidrag fittings
Powering Bob's 60 percent scale R.C. Air Camper is a 210 cc 4 stroke twin cyl. 25hp
Front view of 210 cc engine and prop.
Total estimated weight for a 60 percent scale R.C. Pietenpol Air Camper will be less than 77 pounds. Looks nice and as it goes together.
Bob building up his 60 scale R.C. Air Camper wing (leading edge)
Bob Emptage did it! He built a 60 percent scale Pietenpol Air Camper - Building it exactly like the plans.  Only each piece was scaled down. Excellent!
Bob Emptage is taxiing his 60 percent scale R.C. Pietenpol Air Camper - This is the moment!
Low and Slow - PERFECT! Bob Emptage is proud of his build. Maybe a full size Pietenpol Air Camper is next on his list.  Good Job Bob. Congratulations!!
Rick Kertson - 13 Additional Construction Photos
Rick has chosen a radial engine
Nice Controls
 Triple wing tanks - Interesting!
Waiting for DAR inspection prior to covering
Nice control panel layout by Rick Kertson
Rick Kertson Pietenpol Air Camper
Rick Kertson Pietenpol Air Camper
Rick Kertson - The time is near as it is December 2018. What a perfect CLASSIC build! Rick did a great job on his Pietenpol Air Camper
Rick Kertson receives his Pietenpol Air Camper Airworthiness Certificate on 03/22/2019 - Proud and happy day!
Rick Kertson completed his taxi testing - March 2019
Richard Jones - Five additional photos - Verner Scarlett 5Si Radial Engine
Richard Jones - plane signed off by FAA May 2018
Richard Jones Classic build of a Pietenpol Air Camper
Richard Jones - 700 foot vertical climb rate
Allen Russell - Los Lunas, NM - Building a Pietenpol Air Camper (Allen is 77 years young) (17 photo set)
Allen Russell - pinching tail post together with clamps
Allen Russell - Great job sticking to the plans! Nice and square.
Note the nice workbench Allen has built himself.
Allen Russell - Installing rear of back seat.
 Good Side view
Allen is building up the front cockpit seat
Look how simple the front cockpit seat is!  Again staying true to the plans.
Helmet box behind read cockpit seat
Allen added stringers for turtle deck.
Fuselage near complete - less metal fittings
Allen is test mounting his tail feathers
Great job! Looks just like the plans read!
Mark Belfield - Mark's new Pietenpol Air Camper project! (16 photo set)
Mark's project looks great!
Pietenpol Air Camper Project (100 photo set)
Edward Manigold - 2017 completion (3 Photo set)
A-65 Continental powered
Edward Manigold - Nice build - Flies straight and level - hands off
Rob Stoinhoff - (7 additional build photos) - Pietenpol Air Camper with Steel fuselage!
Rob Stoinhoff - Feathers, turtle back, 3-piece center section of wing complete - Model A powered - great craftsmanship!
Rob Stoinoff of Stoinoff Restorations is working on mounting aModel A engine on his steel Pietenpol Air Camper fuselage.
Rob Stoinoff's Model A powered steel tube Pietenpol Air Camper.
Brian Amato of Traverse City, MI (6 Photo set) - Brian built up a real professional Rib Jig.
Brian Amato - Special note: This is a great example of how the the gussets should cover each joint.  Good Job Brian!
Brian is using aluminum hinges. Nice recess into wood.
These Ribs that Brian has built will make up a Three Piece Wing.
Brian Amato shows us a great example of how the top of the Vertical Stabilizer should be built.
Pulleys and cables control the Pietenpol Air Camper's control surfaces.
Ulrich Paape of Germany plans to build his Pietenpol Air Camper to look like this 1/3 scale plane.