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Historic Pietenpol Photo Gallery

I invite you to experience aviation as seen through the eyes of my grandfather Bernard H. Pietenpol. What you see is what he personally saw. Each photo represented a special moment in time that he felt needed to be photographed. The collection of photos and documents below represent only a small portion of my grandfathers personal photograph collection.  All of the photos belong to Bernard H. Pietenpol with the exception of newer color photos at the end. Most of the public including myself have never viewed these photos before. Many have been locked away for as many as 80 years.  

A total of 23 airplanes were built in Cherry Grove.  Unfortunately, photographs/negatives of two of the planes have yet to be located, but I am sure they will show up as I have only begun scanning and reviewing negatives.  In the photo gallery below I have Bernard's planes in build order from earliest to latest.  The first photo of each unique plane includes the year of construction, N number and engine description.  

As you will discover photography had many limitations back in the 1920-30's. Lighting and exposure was often poor, being out of focus was a common occurrence. Many are so old that all I had to work with was 5" x 7" glass plate negatives and brittle large format negatives.  Using modern scanning technology I was able to create digital images.  Please enjoy them as much as I do!  I did the best I could. I will be continually adding more photos and descriptions.  From the Pietenpol family to your family please enjoy! - Sincerely Andrew Pietenpol - Click on any photo to enlarge.

**If you have a photo or video of your finished ship or a construction photo or video you would like to display please send it to me with your; name and a brief description.  I will add it to the bottom of this photo gallery.

Historic Pietenpol Photo Gallery
Richard Jones makes first Christmas Day Flight 2018 Video 2
Ron Stoinoff - Rebuild Model A - First run up!
Ron Stoinoff - Rebuild Model A - Second run up!
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