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Purchase Pietenpol Air Camper Plans & Airplane Kits

Purchase The Original Pietenpol Air Camper and Sky Scout Aircraft Plans and Aircraft Kits from Bernard Pietenpol's Family!!!

Bernard H. Pietenpol's Grandson, Andrew Pietenpol, continues in Bernard Pietenpol's footsteps Building, Flying, Educating, and Supporting the Grassroots Builders who after almost eighty seven years continue building and enjoying Bernard's solid easy flying Barn Storming and Camping aircraft.


Thank you for your interest in my grandfather Bernard Pietenpol, "The Original Designer & Builder" of the Pietenpol Air Camper and Sky Scout.

To simplify matters I have documented below Bernard Pietenpol's plan descriptions and associated prices. All plans are high quality laser bonded black line. This process allows for clear, easy to read, non fading documentation. All plans and manuals are copyrighted*. Thank you from our family to yours!


What B.H. Pietenpol from Cherry Grove, MN offered 90+ years ago, we continue to offer to you: (see below descriptions) 


If purchasing online and paying via credit card just click on the products you require below. This system uses PayPal to process credit cards however at the bottom of the entry page into PayPal there is an option to pay using your standard Credit or Debit card thus bypassing PayPal.


An alternative>> *If you would like, you may pay via check or cashiers check.  To do so then see address at bottom of the page. 


I have experienced based on hundreds of positive comments from customers who purchased Product (4), that the manual is a valuable tool in helping one make a decision to build a Pietenpol Air Camper. We suggest you consider reading Product (4) to achieve a broad scope of knowledge of the Air Camper and Sky Scout.


Pietenpol Aircraft Company and Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company have joined together to develop Air Camper Kits and Plans that will allow you to build your own Pietenpol Air Camper aircraft.  These kits contain all the wooden Sitka Spruce and Aircraft Grade Plywood you will require to build a Pietenpol Air Camper. These are wood-only kits (just the aircraft-grade woods are included).  You will be required to supply your own hardware, engine, and covering. These kits also support all optional Wing, Fuselage, and Engine designs. These kits and Plans are designed to be built with the Air Camper plans sold and copyrighted by the Pietenpol family on this website.  

********  Please Note *********


**If you are ordering ORIGINAL PIETENPOL AIR CAMPER PLANS and live in a country other than the (U.S.A. or Canada).  You must purchase your PLANS by pressing the LINK provided below.

**We supply The Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company with

(Product 8 Grand Chery Grove Flying Field - Original Pietenpol Air Camper Pack) The only difference is that they will handle the shipping!!!!!!!! These are still the Original Pietenpol Family Blue Prints we sell on this website!!!

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