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Order Official Original Pietenpol Builders Manual from the Pietenpol Family - Pietenpol Aircraft Company


Includes: Original Builders manual that contains the text written by Mr. Pietenpol for the Flying & Glider Manual and Popular Aviation magazines of the 1930's. This is the information pertinent to building the Air Camper and the Sky Scout in the1930's. Also included is history about the planes that Mr. Pietenpol built and construction notes to assist the first time builder to better understand why it's built as it is. A good head start! Bernard wrote much of this manual himself and documents the how to's!


Chapter I The Amateur Airplane Builder

Chapter II Modern Mechanics and Inventions

Ford A Powered 2-Seat Monoplane

Pietenpol Steel Tube Fuselage

Mounting the Motor on your Air Camper

The Pietenpol-Ford Motor Conversion

Chapter III Sky ScoutThe Pietenpol Sky Scout

Tail Group and Fuselage Fittings

Chapter IV Converting Ford Model A Engines For Flight

Chapter V Itemized Parts List

Chapter VI Airplane Chronology

Chapter VII Converting the Corvair Engine For Flight

Chapter VIII Sixty-five Years Of Post Flight

Chapter IX Builders Notes

Chapter X Builders Questions

(Product 4) Original Pietenpol Air Camper & Sky Scout Builders Manual

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